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Optimise your Talent Pipeline with AI

Mya Optimise Your Talent Pipeline Ebook

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Our new eBook shares the 3 AI-powered strategies staffing agencies can use to make placements for cents on the dollar. 

These strategies have helped agencies to: 

  • Increase screening completion rates by 200%
  • Reduce time to interview by 79% 
  • Increase recruiter productivity by 144%


Mya Optimise Your Talent Pipeline Ebook

Has your ability to make placements been slowed down by these issues? 

  • Too many applicants for your short-staffed recruiting team to sort through
  • Excessive back and forth for interview scheduling and rescheduling
  • Recruiter time spent low ROI data entry tasks and recruiting admin instead of on generating revenue

Building an AI optimised process will solve these problems and more. 

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