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The Future of Recruiting Is AI and Automation

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AI tech is booming. Many people use AI daily to simplify their personal lives. Chatbots are commonly deployed in a customer service capacity and in e-commerce environments. With 27% compound annual growth through 2024 the market is growing so fast that soon few businesses will be without a chatbot. 

Recruiters are asking, “What kind of impact can AI have in recruiting?”



Together with TLNT we’ve surveyed over 450 companies on their use and perceptions of AI.

Inside this eBook:

  • Why it’s not just younger candidates who enjoy communicating with chatbots
  • Three major types of chatbots and how they differ How even small employers can leverage AI for recruiting 
  • What’s next in the world of AI chatbots for HR  
  • Why improving candidate experience through AI use can make all the difference

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